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Richard Verschoor

We are honored to announce our partnership with Formula 2 driver Richard Verschoor! Together we developed the Tuatara x For Sure Sim Race gloves - the ultimate tool for passionate sim racers who want to be as fast as Richard. The design of these gloves reflects Richard's dedication, determination and perseverance and enables you to push your own limits and take your sim racing performance to new heights. Experience the same benefits as Richard and achieve victory with these gloves! Add this ultimate tool to your sim racing arsenal.



Without the advancements in technology, there wouldn't be a world where we could sim race each other. This design is an ode to the powerful computer processors that make it possible to race with and against each other all over the world.

We have arrived in the age of the multiverse. You are the driver and who is the opposition? You decide this. This colorful design is meant to show that you might be the new leader in the world of sim racing.



A colorful design and as the name suggests, this design symbolizes the skin of a predator.
A predator never leaves sight of its prey.
The same is expected of a driver. Keep your rival in mind at all times and do everything you can to beat them.
Find the predator in you and defeat the opposition with this beautiful design.



A futuristic design with a fiery character.
Start the engine and give full power.
Unleash the beast and battle for victory.
This design represents passion, power and speed.
For the true champion who never gives up.



One of the most stylistic designs in the collection. But make no mistake about this ton sur ton design inspired by the skin of a Tuatara (lizard), which is made for the real speed demon. Inconspicuous at first glance, but comparable to a samurai warrior striking in the dark.
Elegant and crafty, this is guaranteed to cut you a lap ahead.