About us

The limit
Is a well-known term in motorsport. Where is the limit and why does each lap seem to be faster than the previous one?
Does the limit actually exist?
We know that a perfect mix of talent, motivation, concentration, training, material and technique can achieve the best result.

At Tuatara, racing is in our DNA and we feel particularly connected with the current developments around Sim Racing.
Our goal is to take this to the next level together.

Sim Racing is for everyone and can be practiced relatively on a small or large budget.
The Sim Racing community is becoming more and more popular and the competitions are becoming more and more professional.

Tuatara jumps in to improve the material for the Sim Race driver
The Sim Race glove is the most important part in this.
Our Sim Race gloves can make you tenths or even seconds faster over one lap compared to "regular" gloves or none.

How come?
Because of our specially developed fit and grip.
The transmission between driver, glove and racing wheel is one whole with our glove.
This makes your reaction time faster, which can result in a better result.

The Grip
Our gloves have ultra grip. This is due to a formula that we have specially developed and tested on a wide range of Sim Race handlebars. The glove definitely does not slip through. The grip material is on the fingertips and in the palms. The design of the material is made in such a way that maximum grip is achieved in every movement.

In addition to the function, we also want to bring a product that is comfortable and will certainly last a long time.
The gloves have been developed from high-quality material with Anti-Pilling technology. In addition, we have applied reinforcements at wear-sensitive points.

Founded by a team of creative race fanatics from Rotterdam,
The city of Robert Doornbos, the Bavaria City Race and the F1 Race Center.
They believe in the exponential growth of the Sim Race market and want to
making it more fun, tougher, cooler and above all FASTER.