About us

The Limit, a well-known term in motorsport, remains a fascinating phenomenon. Where exactly is that limit and why does each lap time seem to be faster than the previous one? Many wonder if there is a limit at all. The answer seems to lie in a perfect combination of talent, motivation, concentration, training, material and technology.

At Tuatara we cherish a deep-rooted passion for racing, and with the recent emergence of Sim Racing we feel a special connection. Our goal is to take this passion to the next level, together with the community.

Sim Racing is accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. The popularity of the Sim Racing community is growing steadily, and the competitions are becoming increasingly professional.

Tuatara focuses on improving equipment for Sim Racers, with the crown jewel being our Sim Race gloves. These gloves can make a significant difference, speeding up your times compared to regular gloves or without.

But what makes our gloves so special? The answer lies in our specially developed fit and grip. The transfer between driver, glove and racing wheel is seamless, resulting in improved reaction time and therefore better performance.

Our gloves provide unparalleled grip, thanks to a special formula that has been extensively tested on a wide range of Sim Race handlebars. The grip material, strategically placed on the fingertips and palms, ensures maximum grip with every movement.

In addition to functionality, we strive for sustainability and comfort. Our gloves are made of high-quality materials with Anti-Pilling technology and reinforcements at high-wear points, making them long lasting.

Tuatara was founded by a team of passionate racing fans from Rotterdam, home to iconic names such as Robert Doornbos and events such as the Bavaria City Race and the F1 Race Center. We believe in the exponential growth of the Sim Race market and strive to make racing even more fun, tougher, more exciting and above all FASTER.

Not only amateur drivers rely on our gloves, but also professionals. For example, Formula 2 Driver Richard Verschoor uses our gloves in preparation for real races. And Heineken 0.0 Player Champion Floris Wijers no longer races without Tuatara gloves.