Kimura Racing ( Esports ) UK

Kimura Racing (Esports) UK

Tuatara sponsors the racing team Kimura Racing, a professional simulation racing team from the United Kingdom that competes at a high level in various sim races.

By sponsoring Kimura Racing, Tuatara has the opportunity to promote their brand to a young, passionate audience interested in simulation racing. This fast-growing sport is becoming increasingly popular and Tuatara is proud to be a part of this new exciting world.

The Tuatara brand is featured on Kimura Racing's cars, on their website and social media channels. Tuatara is excited to increase their brand awareness and show their commitment to this exciting sport.

Sponsoring Kimura Racing not only means supporting a young and talented team, but also the opportunity to bring their brand to the attention of a new target group. Tuatara is looking forward to a successful season and hopes for many victories for Kimura Racing and the brand
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