Tuatara League

Enter the Tuatara Professional League of EA's F1 2023 Game!

The arena is ready, 20 elite drivers face off in an epic competition, after an intense 4-race qualification. Be there every Monday on Twitch, don't miss a moment of the action as the drivers dominate the virtual track with sharp turns and strategic pit stops.

Accompanied by the riveting commentary from our hosts, TK and PattyPatt, dive into the excitement. Join fellow viewers, predict race outcomes and cheer on your favourites. And that's not all – the drivers compete not only for fame, but also for exclusive prizes.

Don't miss a single week of the live stream on Twitch: Live Stream Twitch Lose yourself in the thrill of the Tuatara League F1 2023.

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Recap Round 6 Monza

Recap Tuatara League

Round1 Silverstone

Round 7 Melbourne

Round 8 Austin

Round 9 Monaco

Round 10 Sao Paulo

  • Aston Martin

    30 Avfcwalpol7
    13 Iculcu

  • Ferrari

    95 Mansiuu

    07 MK6

  • Mercedes

    95 Carlsson

    73 YzSamZz

  • Williams

    95 BumbleGoblin
    16 Matt Caruana

  • Hare


    13 TheSlapBusX1

  • Mclaren

    08 Expo

    25 F1Lewis4

  • Red Bull

    97 TGT_Chris97
    05 CESRyk

  • Alfa Romeo

    58 Oster

    14 IceBreakz_nick

  • Alpine

    29 Gagly
    43 NathClarkmc

  • AlphaTauri

    39 Death Peacock
    92 292